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Hi, I'm Andy Baker. I've been proud to serve clients from the Bay Area down to Southern California and Orange county out to the desert communities for the past 25 years as a real estate attorney. I know how to help people in situations that are similar, or identical to yours. I was a real estate agent in Los Angeles for over 13 years. I was pretty familiar with real estate problems. But it wasn't enough; legal issues kept cropping up. In fact, I spent so much time on the phone with my real estate attorney that I decided to become one! This combination of experience gives me a “real-world” perspective. This allows me to resolve all of your real estate matters by crafting creative and pragmatic solutions. 

"I have been working in real estate for over 30 years, and have been relying on Andy Baker's advice for half that time.  He is very thorough, responds quickly, and keeps my stress down!"

-  Ron Lepp, Real Estate Management  Los Angeles, CA

I have been professionally assisting apartment owners and homeowners in all kinds of situations for years. I have run into many of the barriers that you can expect to run into, and many that you would never expect. I still get surprised by what can happen. Most situations seem straight-forward, but take unexpected turns.

For litigation (I know - the bane of a property owner's existence), I try and negotiate settlements before disputes result in litigation.

However, sometimes people won't listen to reason, and a lawsuit results. I both bring and defend litigation involving tenants, landlords, subtenants, licensees, property managers, and related parties of commercial, industrial and residential properties. I provide assertive, yet thoughtful representation in real estate matters.

I will protect your rights in mediation, arbitration and litigation, regarding all of these kinds regardless of the type of issues.

Protecting Your Rights in Real Estate Law On the transactional side of the ledger, I can save you time and trouble.

I could have (and once did have) a firm with a number of lawyers providing client services. But I prefer an individualized client approach.

"I have known and worked with Andy Baker for years. He is always prepared, and has the uncanny ability to see problems before they develop. I always consult with Andy before I make a major business decision and through the years he has saved me a bundle."

- Dan Cervenak, Daniel J Construction Consulting Services Rancho Cascades, CA

After reading this, if you feel you need or want more help or expertise, please call me for your FREE telephone consultation where I will personally:

  • Go over your facts, ask you questions, and review the papers you bring with you
  • Explain your legal rights and your obligations
  • Answer all of your questions
  • Discuss my services with you
  • Provide you with information to empower you
  • And much, much more

Your conversation with me will last about 25 minutes, depending on the complexity of your case. It can save thousands of dollars, plus substantial time and aggravation. It's at least a $160.00 value, yet the consultation is 100% free, without obligation.

I look forward to talking with you soon.

Andy Baker
22287 Mulholland Hwy, No. 131
Calabasas, CA 91302
Tel. (818) 620-6023
[email protected]

I help clients solve sticky code issues, arrange successful transactions, avoid costly
mistakes, and resolve legal disputes.


  • My experience with Andy was excellent.

    After receiving a letter from the Housing Dept, I was in a panic! i envisioned all the worst scenarios. Andy quickly calmed me down and together we worked out solutions. He was so knowledgeable and calm, he was just a pleasure to work with. My experience with Andy was excellent.
  • I highly recommend his services.

    I have hired Andy Baker twice to help me concerning my Accessory Building. I am happy to report that I now have a legal ADU [Accessory Dwelling Unit] because of Andy's help! Very pleased. Will use his services again for the lease agreement now that the legal process is completed. I highly recomme...
  • Anyone seeking personalized attention and professional legal representation would do well by Andy Baker.

    Andy handled a construction defect problem for me, avoiding litigation by skillfully negotiating a settlement. He explained all the details to my wife and I, greatly easing our stress. Andy wisely included a liquidated damages clause, and we collected damages that exceeded the actual cost of the ...
  • We commend Mr. Baker for his professionalism

    Andy provided detailed and personalized attention to our legal matter. With his legal advice and opinion he was able to turn our city government into retracting their initial order to demolish an accessory structure on our property.. We had gotten nowhere in 6 months. It only took Mr. Baker 2 wee...
  • I highly recommend Andy Baker and his services.

    Andy provided me with all the legal information to get my guest house in full compliance with Building & Safety [and] legal issues will be avoided in the future. He also helped me evict a problem tenant from a guest house. He handed the distribution of relocation assistance funds through his escr...
  • Susanna K-B, Property Owner, Los Angeles, CA Recommends Andrew Baker

    "When I was first cited for having illegal construction, I didn't know what to do.  Fortunately, I was referred to Andy Baker. Andy is very knowledgeable, helpful, and I have enjoyed working with him.  I realize that in LA, you really need a good real estate attorney, and that describes Andy Baker."
  • Kam A, Apartment Owner, Woodland Hills, CA Recommends Andrew Baker

    “[Andy] provided personalized attention to all matter of concern to us in removing my property from the [LA Housing Department's Rent Escrow Account Program] REAP.  I want to thank you again for your excellent job.  I am sure this was not possible without you."
  • Antonio S., Multi-unit Property Owner, Los Angeles, CA Recommends Andrew Baker

    When I was first cited for having an illegally constructed unit, I was very confused as what I needed to do. Andy was very helpful in dealing with the city and helping me navigate through all the red tape. Andy is insightful, sharp and easy to work with.
  • Bryan Morrell, Construction Consultant, Santa Rose, CA Recommends Andrew Baker

    I find Andy Baker to be honest, ethical, and knowledgeable - a rare find.
  • Lynn B. Feldman, Attorney (licensed in California) and Law Professor Recommends Andrew Baker

    "I have relied on Andy Baker for legal advice, mostly on real estate matters. He returns phone calls promptly, which can't be said about very many lawyers!   I have referred friends to Andy who have also been very happy with his services. I highly recommend him."
  • Mark B,, Apartment Owner, Mid-Wilshire, CA Recommends Andrew Baker

    “The most helpful idea I got from Andy Baker was to only deal with the City Attorney's office and NOT the unorganized city departments.  Using his level of sophistication Andy immediately elevated our discussions with intelligent individuals handling the outcome."
  • Ron Lepp, Property Manager, Beverly Hills, CA Recommends Andrew Baker

    "I have been working in real estate for over 30 years, and have been relying on Andy Baker's advice for half that time.  He is very thorough, responds quickly, and keeps my stress down!"
  • Best Lawyer on the planet.

    Andy, thank you.  You're the best lawyer on the planet.   I appreciate everything you did for me including all the discounts you gave me; you saved me money.  Other lawyers would have run up the tab. Not you.  Thank you.
  • Most Helpful - No Unexpected Surprises

    I have used Andy Baker's services twice, once in San Clemente and once in Santa Ana. Each city would not let me go forward with building plans they said violated one of their laws. Andy's best idea was to focus an argument on mainly two of the strongest angles. One, displaying faults in the oppos...
  • Helped get things moving in right direction

    Andy wrote two letters to the city of Tustin for me. In the first one, he asked for clarification of city laws so I could pursue a garage conversion to an ADU. In the second letter, Andy specified the city ordinance [TCC 9220] and why the state law (Cal. Government Code section 65852.2) and its t...
  • Real Life Saver

    I am using Andy BAKER and [his recommended draftsman] to help me get permits for an unpermitted condo which is attached to my house. I had been receiving threatening letters from an inspector at [a] Los Angeles [city agency]. I met with the inspector who reminded me of very substantial penalties....

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